2017 Halloween Meme Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a few weeks away! And with time winding down on finding the perfect costume, we are here with the top 5 meme costumes for Halloween 2017.


“Distracted Boyfriend” stock photo meme:

 This one is for the couples. It’s easy to pull off and you may be able to find it in your closet already.  This meme has been trending hard on the internet for some time and can still be seen in different formats from time to time making it both relevant and clever.  For the guys, you can check out every girl at the party and just claim to be ‘in character’. For the ladies, you can give your guy the look you are always wanting to give him and play your role to perfection.  This couples costume will be a favorite at any event you attend.


Roll Safe:


“Life Hack Black Guy” or Roll Safe as he was commonly known was a very popular meme trend during the spring.  The costume is so simple it doesn’t even require a shirt.  A leather jacket, gold chain, and fresh cut are all you need to pull off this look.  Are you the guy that is constantly giving unsolicited advice to your friends? Then this is for you. And as long as you are pointing at your temple, you’re gold.  You can’t go wrong being everyone’s favorite know it all this year.


Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah?:

The most annoying girl to ever hit day time TV, Danielle Bregoli, is now one of the best meme costumes of the year.  Cash Me Ousside girl broke the internet with her inability to annunciate, and her lack of charm earlier in the year.  After her airing on Dr. Phil it seemed you couldn’t pull up any site without seeing her face and her memes.  An easily recognizable costume will get you noticed at any gathering, and the ease of pulling this together will have you feeling like a million cash me oussides. 


Salt Bae:

Salt Bae or Sprinkle Chef had an amazing run in the memedom earlier in the year.  The priceless screen shot of chef Nusret Gökçe salting some meat was an instant internet sensation.  The costume is easy and recognizable. The hardest part is finding a fake piece of meat to carry with you all night.  Although raw meat will have more of a realistic effect, it won’t make you any friends.  Luckily you can find anything on the internet and this costume will be sure to get you sprinkled with compliments all night long.


Pregnant Kylie: 

Don’t be the girl that shows up to the party as a pregnant white trash woman. Be extra and show up to the party as the pregnant queen of social media, Kylie Jenner.  This is a fun costume for the girl who loves to be the center of attention.  Have an excuse to break out all the stops with your makeup, fun wig, and eating whatever you want all night because the pregnant belly will help cover that food baby you have developed eating all the candy.   

These viral meme trends are bound to get you noticed.  It’s only Halloween once a year, so take advantage of how cultured you are in the world of memes and dress up as an internet favorite this year.  All costumes are easy to assemble, require minimal effort, and will get you maximum results.  Leave the spooky to the peasants, this is your year to shine.

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