Eminem’s Diss Track to Donald Trump Spurs Meme Trend

Eminem is no stranger to controversy, and when he raps, people listen.  The case was no different Tuesday night at the BET Awards.  Eminem unleashed on President Donald Trump in a taped freestyle rap that aired during the BET Awards and the internet went berserk.   

The lyrics to the 4 and half minute rap “The Storm” called out many of Trumps recent actions, including his reaction to Charlottesville and the NFL, his treatment of recent national disasters including Puerto Rico, and his campaign promises.  He tells his fans he is “drawing a line in the sand” and they must make a choice between him or Trump.

Twitter began trending immediately with reactions to the rap. Both sides took to the internet to make their opinions heard.  Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick got in on the action both tweeting their appreciation of the lyrics and thanking Eminem for the rap.


The memes followed and twitter and Instagram blew up on Wednesday with their own reactions to the lyrics.  There were memes praising the lyrics, while others were not impressed calling it “ineffective” and “corny”.  Keith Olbermann even received his own trend within a trend after claiming Eminem’s lyrics officially made him a fan of rap. 

Although the reviews are mixed, the rap is trending.  Trump and Eminem memes are on everyone’s timelines and with the uncertainty of what Trump will do or tweet next, this certainly won’t be the last we hear of this rap and its reactions. 

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