Memes of the Month: September 2017

The Memedom is back in full swing thanks to the end of Summer.  September had more solid meme trends than probably the whole summer combined, and it was just what the internet needed.  The trends that hit in September were big and often crossed over and mashed with each other to create a seamless transition from meme trend to meme trend and people were loving it. 


Here is a list of the biggest meme trends to come out of September:


“The Ting Goes…”:  A portion of a video segment from BBC went viral.  It portrayed comedian Michael Dapaah performing as rapper “MC Quakez” showing off his skills in the music booth with a hilarious mixture of scatting and beat boxing that had the internet in stiches.  The video was turned into meme after meme, remixed, and even mashed up with other popular meme trends.  It has been awhile since a video was necessary to make the meme trend. It could be argued that this was the best video meme of the year so far.


IT:  The remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ was released in September and there wasn’t a single person not talking about the movie, the memes, or Pennywise himself.  New memes were popping up everywhere after the release but we also saw a comeback of April’s popular meme trend of Pennywise in the sewer tempting us all with our favorite things.  Pennywise has taken on a life of his own in the meme world. With Halloween at the end of this month, this trend will continue well into October.


Elf on the Shelf:  For most it seems like it might be a little early for Christmas memes, so when one of the biggest trends of September hit, it seemed a bit early.  “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of……..” took Twitter and Instagram by storm this month.  It was a simple concept of the above caption followed by a picture of two rhyming words, typically one a celebrity, on top of its counterpart.  There were endless possibilities, and the internet took full advantage.  It was every meme on every timeline for what seemed like forever.  The simple things in life are what get us through the tough times.


Kylie Jenner Preggers:  The world stopped at the rumors.  TMZ reported that the youngest Kardashian sister was reportedly expecting a baby girl with rapper Travis Scott and the internet broke.  Everyone stopped what they were doing to read the story, make a meme, and not go about their day.  It was as though time stood still as we all waited for the story to be confirmed or denied by the family, which they haven’t.  Just a few days later rumors surfaced that Khloe was pregnant as well. As with all things Khloe, no one seemed to care. Poor Khloe.  

Trump vs Steph Curry:  It wouldn’t be a month in memes without a Trump trend.  President Trump took back his invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House, and specifically called out Steph Curry.  Steph Curry had already said he wasn’t coming, publicly, and the internet had a field day.  President Trump uninvited Steph and the team, after they already said they weren’t coming.  The memes basically wrote themselves. 


Fat Kanye:  A paparazzi picture of Kanye West surfaced with him looking less “Stronger” and more like he may be gaining sympathy pregnancy weight from whoever their surrogate may be.  Years ago, there was a meme trending with Kanye and Kim’s faces superimposed over an obese couple’s portrait.  The meme is back with the comparison of Kanye to the photoshopped version not being that far off. The memes are still coming in hot.


Monkey Haircut:  The cutest meme of the month goes to an adorable monkey getting a haircut.  A video of a macaque monkey was posted on Facebook in February and went viral.  The meme took a screenshot from the video and superimposed it over other pictures so it would look like that person was the one giving the monkey the haircut.  It was random yet adorable and people absolutely went bonkers over this meme in September.  It was the perfect random meme to finish the month out strong. 


Hugh Hefner RIP:  On September 27th, one of the biggest American icons and founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of 91.  The memes were a memorial to the man that shaped so many young men’s childhoods and pop culture in general.  It was a sad day for many and the memes were respectful for true homage to one of America’s favorite personalities. 


Memes were back in full swing in September.  Politics, pregnancies, bad diets, and viral videos helped shape the meme culture for the month and brought the fun back into memes.  After a summer slump the internet is laughing again and it has helped build momentum to carry us through the rest of the year.   


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