Monkey Haircut Meme Becomes New Trend

The internet is back at it again with another insanely random meme trend.  The meme pic is being dubbed “Monkey Haircut” and it is all over social media platforms, in a variety of different ways, designed to make people chuckle and say “hey, it’s a monkey getting his hair cut”.

Monkey Haircut is a viral video of a macaque monkey getting a haircut that was originally posted on February 15th of 2017 on Facebook and has since received just under 4 million views, 55,000 shares and 35,000 reactions.  The adorable young monkey can be seen closing his eyes, just like a human would if getting a similar haircut.  He has a cape on and is sitting in a chair as though the barber is treating him like any other patron.  A video that makes us all say “wow, an animal doing a human thing!”
A screenshot from the video of the monkey has been superimposed onto other base images to appear as of a variety of people and/or characters are cutting the monkey’s hair.  The images vary from President Trump cutting the monkeys hair in the oval office to Edward Scissor Hands giving the monkey a fresh new cut.
Monkey Haircut is one of the rare trending images and doesn’t require any caption for the meme to work. 
It is clear the internet has recovered from its summertime slump and is back to their old ways with random and hilarious new meme trends.  Why exactly is Haircut Monkey funny? It is really hard to know but if the internet has proven to love anything, it’s animals doing human things.

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