Steph Curry and Donald Trump Feud Make it To Meme World

As if this Presidency hadn’t already seemed like a badly written Professional Wrestling story line, Donald Trump took his role even further by taking on America’s favorite pastime, professional sports.


The NBA Championship Team, the Golden State Warriors, had reiterated that they had no desire to visit the White House. Within a few hours after President Trump held an insightful rally in Alabama that took aim at NFL players that protest the National Anthem, he took to Twitter (shocking) to attempt to shame Steph Curry of the Warriors.   

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.  Steph Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!” 

Although other people, including Kevin Durant as well as the Head Coach Steve Kerr, had also said that they were not interested in going to the White House to meet with Trump, it was Steph Curry that took a hard stand with the media on Friday that triggered the Tweet from Trump.  Steph elaborated on his stance with the media saying:

 “That we don’t stand for basically what our President has – the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said in the right times, that we won’t stand for it.  And by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to.  It’s not just the act of not going there.  There are things you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion.  (Athletes are) all trying to do what we can.  We’re using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that, so that’s kind of where I stand on it.  I don’t think us not going to the White House is going to miraculously make everything better, but this is my opportunity to voice that.” 

rump’s tweets inspired other athletes to get involved in the conversation.  Lebron James sent a tweet to Trump saying, “it was a great honor until you showed up!”. 

This drama between the President and America’s favorite athletes couldn’t be ignored by the internet and was trending on Twitter for most of Saturday.  Instagram memers got on board quick and helped spread the story through memes. 

The Warriors are the first full team to skip the White House visit after a championship.  It is their hope, as it is the hopes of many, that it is a step in the right direction of bringing a country together to support diversity and equality.  The team issued a statement saying that “in lieu of a visit to the White House, we have decided that we’ll constructively use our trip to the nation’s capital in February to celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion – the values that we embrace as an organization.” 

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