Trump Throwing Paper Towels Sparks New Memes

After so much scrutiny on how President Trump reacted and handled the victims in Puerto Rico, he finally made his first visit on Tuesday of this week.  It seemed like the President was finally taking his role seriously and was ready to give aid to the survivors.


Trump and his team made a stop at Calvary Chapel in San Juan where he finally came face to face with some of the U.S. territory’s residents in need of real relief.  What happened next could not be made up, nor could it have been scripted.  Our President began launching paper towels into the crowd, much like the professional athletes he has come to detest.

Video and photos were taken of the President tossing paper towels into the crowd, like t-shirts at a Hockey game, and the internet went bonkers.  Pictures began surfacing on twitter from witnesses to the bizarre behavior and the pictures went viral immediately.

Many people condemned the behavior by the President.  Supplies were to be handed out to victims, not thrown, and it seemed like just another bizarre reaction from a man that has already been under severe scrutiny for his actions with the natural disasters that have hit our nation in recent weeks. 

As in any “Trump did what?” fashion, the meme community wasted no time in photoshopping the President in all sorts of situations with his mean paper towel tossing skills.


Much like the athletes the President is constantly condemning, Trump proved that he too has what it takes to go pro.  His paper towel tossing skills are unmatched, and I feel very confident in saying that his skills will go uncontested for many years to come.  The reality TV star turned President proves that if Trump is around, you better get your camera out, because you can’t write this stuff.   

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