‘You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf’ is the Hot New Meme Trend

It’s been a long summer in memedom. Between the political atmosphere, fires, and hurricanes, people haven’t had a lot to laugh about.  It seems we may be out of the worst of it. With the first leaf hitting the ground for fall, people are back in the holiday spirit with a meme trend that makes no sense in what feels like forever.


Gracing our timelines is meme after meme playing the rhyming game. The first time you see it you may think, “wait what?”.  The second time, “okay?”.  But by the third meme, it’s all over. It is the most addicting trend the internet has developed in some time. Although it has been on Twitter for several months now (some as far back as Christmas last year) it is making a true meme trend presence on large platforms all over Instagram. 


It’s so simple.  “You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, but have you heard of……”.  The punchline is a celebrity or object in something completely random that rhymes with its name.  It first began mostly with rappers. Since they tend to have bizarre names, the rhyming game made it exciting and hilarious.  ‘DJ Khalid in a salad’, ‘Rihanna in a Benihana’, or ‘Lil Uzi in a Jacuzzi’.     

Eventually, as all trends do, it began to develop into basically any rhyming words that didn’t relate to each other.  ‘Vin Diesel on an easel’, ‘Donkey Kong on a Bong’, and ‘The Rock on a Cock’ (rooster, don’t be gross). 


Memers everywhere are trying to ‘out rhyme’ each other with new words, asking their followers to guess the connection while the memes become more and more outlandish.  It is a trend that you can’t help but laugh at. It is the first unorthodox meme trend we have had in a while and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 

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